• We're the Top Metal Roof Contractor in Windermere

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    We Specialize in Metal roof, leaking tile roof and leaking roof repair and replacement in Windermere Florida

    We are a local Metal Roofing Contractor in beautiful Windermere Florida. Let us give you a free estimate for roof repair or replacement in Windermere or any of the surrounding areas. We have access to supplies and can schedule your roof replacement in a matter of weeks.


    We are a neighborhood roofing contractor you can trust. We service Turtle Creek, Philips Landing, Cypress Point, Keene's Point, Lake Butler Sound, Bay Hill and all the neighborhoods surrounding Windermere.

  • MCKINLEY Roofing is Central Florida's leading Stone Coated Metal roofing installer

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    Stone Coated Steel is the latest in roofing technology

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    Unique offset, multi-grooved, deep weather side-lap taht creates a classic cottage look

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    Adds long life and beauty to a low-profile, high wind resistant shingle that carries a class 4 hail impact rating

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    Mediterranean style with superior performance in a tile panel that provides both high wind and hail impact resistance.

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    Resembles the authentic look of Spanish Tile that increases the curb appeal of any home

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    Compare all our Stone Coated Steel options - made to look just like a regular shingle or tile roof

  • Act today and get a free metal roof quote along with additional special savings offered exclusively through this website!

  • Why A Metal Roof

    Let us show you the difference

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    leaking Tile Roof?


    Once leak starts all substructure must be replaced

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    Problems with Tile


    Sun and rain wear on Tile and maintenance becomes expensive.

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    Metal is better


    Metal is fire resistant and lasts 70-100 years with full warranty.

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    Looks amazing


    The new metal shingle is esthetically comparable to tile.

  • McKinley Contracting


    Metal Roof Installation 





  • MCKINLEY Contracting offers helpful advice through our BLOG

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  • Windermere's MCKINLEY Contracting

    Q&A for Metal Roof Installation

    How Long does it take to install a Metal Roof?

    We can get the supplies from the manufactuer within a couple of weeks and will begin on your project. Usually, we can have it coupled within a weeks time. Meaning from start to completion, we can have your new roof within the month.

    What is the waranty on a metal roof?

    Typically, depending on the product, you have a minimum of 50 years on your new metal roof. This is sometimes as high as 75 years. They really do last a lifetime.

    Is MCKINLEY Contracting licensed, bonded and Insured and do you guaratee your work?

    Yes! We are licensed, bonded and insured and we always guaratee our work. We are a company based on the integrity of our business. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and deliver at a high level of excellence.


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